Welcome to Elkraftdagen at Chalmers

Date: 17 April

Come and learn more about electric power engineering and what a Master’s degree in this discipline would mean! Find out what career opportunities you have and meet companies in the field. At Elkraftdagen, you will gain insight into what major challenges that the Electric Power Engineering area is facing, and how you, in your engineering career, can contribute to the development of sustainable energy systems on the mW- to GW-levels. This day also gives you an opportunity to discuss Master’s thesis work with the companies.

The day begins at 11:30 with an exposition with companies and researchers within the electric power engineering area. The exposition will be held in the main entrance of the division Electric Power Engineering (Hörsalsvägen 11). During the exposition a baguette lunch will be served and you will get the opportunity to take a tour in the labs of the Electric Power Engineering division. In order to go on the lab tour, please register.

After lunch, at 13:20, you are welcome to HC4, where several interesting presentations by companies involved in the Electric Power Engineering area will be given.

The day ends with a dinner buffet at 18:00 in Café Linsen for those who have registered for that.

Read more about the program and register to Elkraftdagen here: http://www.chalmers.se/en/conference/elkraftdagen/Pages/default.aspx.

Last day to register is the 10th of April.