Exklusivt middagsevenemang med Flow Traders – ett internationellt tradingföretag

Ett holländskt tradingföretag som heter Flow Traders kommer hit för att träffa F3, TM3 och uppåt! De sysslar med frän finansiell matematik och det blir case, middag och dryck den 29:e september. Information på engelska:

Are you in the final year of your Bachelor or Master Degree, and do you have a clear interest in the global financial markets? Then join us for an exclusive dinner session the 29th of September!

Find out all about Flow Traders at the Flow Dinner Session, organized for the students at Engineering physics, Engineering mathematics and Industrial engineering and management. Hear all about working at Flow, meet our traders, and compete for the highest revenue in the Trading Challenge!

Flow Traders is an independent ETF & ETC proprietary trading house with offices in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the US. We’re currently looking for new junior traders that would like to join us at our headquarters in Amsterdam. As a trader with Flow you manage and optimize our daily position (pricing and trading) in a wide range of financial products.

Find more information on the FARM website: http://farmchalmers.se/2014/09/09/exclusive-dinner-session-with-flow-traders-a-leading-international-trading-house/


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Sign up now through: http://www.flowtraders.com/trading-career/recruitment-calendar/farm-i-armar

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