Spelpojk have the responsibility to administrate the boardgames on Focus. You will find a number of games in the wooden shelf on Fokus.

The games is available for you as a member of the physics department on chalmers and you can play them at any time. Golden rule is to leave the game as and where you found it.

If anything is missing och you have a great game that should be bought, write an email to: gameboy[at]frek.chalmers.se

Past spelpojkar:

16/17 – Jakob Widebrant + Felix Augustsson (elected Lp 1 2016)

15/16 – Jakob Widebrant

Before that: Mäsk, Oskar Fridell and some unknown.

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Viktor Nevelius Wernholm
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Mathilda Gustafsson
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Andreas Bauner
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Mikael Eriksson
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Pontus Gustafsson
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Leo Ånestrand