Hello Master’s students!

Welcome to Chalmers​ University of Technology​ and the Physics Student Division!

The Physics Student Division​ (Fysikteknologsektionen in Swedish or ftek for short)​ is a society which aims to make your time at Chalmers as enjoyable as possible.

​As a student at one of the following Master’s Programmes:

  • Applied Physics, MPAPP,
  • Complex Adaptive Systems, MPCAS,
  • Nanotechnology, MPNAT,
  • Nuclear Science and Technology, MPNUE,
  • Physics and Astronomy, MPPAS,
  • Engineering Mathematics and Computational Science, MPENM,
  • Lärande och ledarskap, MPLOL,

you are automatically a member of ftek. ftek is entirely run by its members (as a non-profit) and offers lots of opportunities for your campus life. Together we stand up for the students’ opinions and voices when we cooperate with the university in order to make all our members thrive during their studies.

The site is currently under (re)construction so make sure to join the Facebook group Chalmers – Master’s Students at the Physics Student Division​ to keep updated on events and also keep in touch with other students about studies, campus life or whatever crosses your mind.

​On the 15th of September ​we will host a ​BBQ/grill for all the new students from the Master’s Programmes​ above. ​You will get free food​ and ​an ​opportunit​y​ to meet ​all your fellow classmates. More info on how to sign up will come later.

​We hope you will have a great time here in Gothenburg and make the most out of your stay. If you ever need help or someone to talk to we are always available at​.

Best regards,
​The Physics Student Division Board

Nomination for lp4 meeting


First of all, we would like to thank all applicants for all the different associations. Our job has not been easy and then it’s what it should be. Following the nomination committee’s nominations, if you are wondering or reacting specifically, we recommend that you either contact the nomination committee via mail or speak with the board.

Board of Directors:

Chairman: Erik Persson

Vice Chairman: Lina Hultquist

Treasurer: Carl Jendle

Secretary: Andreas Gustaver

Security Officer: Erik Johansson

Responsible for information: Johan Winther


Sexmaster: Liam ” Alfred ” Håkansson

Sex Director: Magnus ” Gois ” Friesian

Treasurer: Ebba ” Gone ” Ekblom

Members (without mutual order): Caroline “Creo” Leontine Schröder, Felix “Wrong” Augustsson, Oscar “Really” Forsman, Emma “Vinen” Nirvin, Henrik “Berget” Klein Moberg and Karin “Niwa” Hult.


Colonel: Boel Brandström

Rustmästare: Linus ” Linan ” Schönbeck

Treasurer: Johan ” Vaken ” Jaxing

Members (without mutual order): Matilda ” Trippy ” Hanes, Sebastian Oleszko, Julia Wennerblom, Fredrik Hallhagen, Oscar Johansson, Edvin Callisen, Alex ” Snow White ” Bökmark


Chairman: Sofia ” Karlsson ” Karlsson


Captain: Karl Magnus ” Ohlmanen ” Mikael Fant

Auto food pirate: Henrik ” Spanike ” Söderberg

Coffin guard: Lotta Bergbom

Members (without mutual order): Adam Breitholtz, Henrik Esmaili, Carl Svensson, Per “Schmoopy” Ljung, Markus Bertilsson


Jakob Widebrant – Member of the Nomination Committee!

Pizza evening with McKinsey & Company

Do you want to know what type of work McKinsey does in advanced analytics?

Join us on April 27 at 17:30 in Fysikhuset, Sal PJ to find out how to turn data into breakthrough business value with learnings from an actual case. We will end the evening in Fysikcentrum with food and drinks. See you there!

Sign up before April 26th by sending an e-mail with your name and education year to Josefine Hedebark: Please also include any dietary requirements.

Initiative Seminar on Quantum Technology

13-15 December there is an Initiative Seminar by Chalmers Area of Advance Nanoscience and Nanotechnology here at Chalmers.

Below is a short summary, follow the link for more information:

Sign up before December 5:th, lunch and coffee are included!

Quantum Technology aims at exploiting quantum physics for immensely powerful computations and simulations, to achieve ultra sensitive sensing and enhance privacy through physically secure communication. The 24 speakers, representing most aspects of this emerging field, will explain the basic ideas as well as the state-of-the art in this community. There will also be two poster sessions, where interested scientist and industry are welcome to present their work.

Spidera recruitment activity

Tuseday 15/11 Spidera (the physics student division IT crew) holds a cryptography workshop to get to know people interested in joining Spidera. We hope everyone with an interest in programming, IT, Linux and the like shows up and has a nice and educational time with us in Spidera.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a master student. Even though you’re not the main audience for this workshop you’re welcome to join if you’re interested in the subject matter. Keep in mind that the whole thing will be quite basic, and taught by hobbyists. Even so, I’m sure we’ll have a nice time!


Graduate Physics Day 2015

Are you interested in pursuing a doctorate, but unsure what you’ll actually be doing or what it entails? Or have you already decided, but want to know more about the opportunities or in finding contacts?

In either case Graduate Physics Day is something for you! The 6th of May, from 09:00 to 15:00 there will be an event in Signes where you can talk to PhD students, go on a guided tour in the labs and listen to guest speakers. Later you’ll also be able to join a poster session, view other peoples work and research, and connect with companies. A free lunch is naturally provided!

If this sounds interesting, the easiest way to register is by:

Hope to see you there!

Server problems

As you might have noticed the ftek server was down for most of yesterday. We in Spidera got aware of the problems during the morning but had to wait until the afternoon to get physical access to the server.

When we finally got access it wasn’t long before we got everything up and running again.

We’re sorry for any problems you might have had because of these server issues.

Spidera (through Anton Älgmyr)

Summary from the Student Division Meeting

Summary of yesterdays Student Division Meeting:

  • A proposition concerning the election processes for the committees was approved.

  • A motion concerning the ruling documents was approved for the second time.

  • FARM and FnollK told us about their plans for the year to come.

  • A lot of Student Division Officers were elected, among others the sports committee and the newspaper of the Student Division.

  • The “Dumväst” was handed out, this time Per was stupid.