JämF is the division’s equality council working for equality at the division. In JämF there are representatives from all large committees, division agencies and associations, as well as 3 independent members. This structure is chosen to establish our work in everything that is going on at the division.
As well as discussing current questions about equality at the division we arrange lunch lectures and workshops to increase awareness and knowledge about the subject in the division members. If you have suggestions regarding what JämF can do to increase equality at the division or if you just want to talk about equality with us, don’t hesitate sending an email to jamf@ftek.se or grab hold one of us around the campus!

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Ludwig Gustavsson
Ledamot (jamf.2@ftek.se)
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Ajsa Cuprija
Ledamot (jamf.1@ftek.se)
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Sanna Berntsson
Ledamot (jamf.3@ftek.se)
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Emelie Lemann
Skyddsombud (styret.samo@ftek.se)
Som studerandearbetsmiljöombud (SAMO) ansvarar jag för den fysiska och psykosociala arbetsmiljön på sektionen. Du kan alltid prata med mig om det är något :)