Division Meeting

The Student Division Meeting, or Sektionsmötet is the general assembly of the section. This is where all major decisions concerning the Student Division and its activities are taken. Free food is also served.

All the members of the section have the right to attend to and speak up at Sektionsmötet – including you. If you do not speak swedish, however, you are kindly asked to send an e-mail to the Student Division’s secretary through styret.sekr@ftek.chalmers.se, at least a week before the meeting is to take place so that we may arrange for somebody to translate for you.

If you have ideas concerning the Student Division and its work, you can either contact the Student Division Board so that we may consider it and, if we found it good, turn it into a bill. You are also free to turn in motions, no later than 4 reading days before each meeting.

The meeting normally takes place once every study period, often in reading week 5.

Should there be any questions regarding the Student Division Meeting, do not hesitate to contact the secretary of the Student Division by e-mail (styret.sekr@ftek.chalmers.se).