Spidera is the web group of the Physics Division. We’re responsible for the division’s servers, which provides storage space, email addresses and other things to the division’s committees. We are also responsible for the technical maintenance and development of the Physics Division’s webpage ftek.se (the editorial responsibility lies with the board).

If you find something that is broken, or if you have technical questions, feel free to start a new ticket on our support page.

You can find all of the current members of Spidera on the Swedish version of this page.

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Eric “Bloth” Carlsson
Nätmästare (spidera.nm@ftek.se)
Nätmästaren agerar som ordförande och har övergripande koll på Spideras arbete.
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Tobias “Bruce” Wallström
Nätmakare (spidera.3@ftek.se)
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Axel Forsman
Nätmakare (spidera.4@ftek.se)
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David Elinder
Nätmakare (spidera.5@ftek.se)
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David Hambraeus
Nätmakare (spidera.6@ftek.se)
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Martin “Martin Due” Due
Nätmakare (spidera.7@ftek.se)
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Ossian “Dancis” Eriksson
Nätmakare (spidera.8@ftek.se)
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Alexandru “Pekka” Golic
Informationsansvarig (styret.info@ftek.se)