Cozy Friday Nr. 4

(Lectures and the event afterward will be held in Swedish)

15.15-16.00 Michael Käll

Mikael is a professor in physics, working at the division for nano- and biophysics at the department of physics and also their most cited researcher. His current research project is about studying the physics of optical antennas and metamaterials constructed by metallic nanostructures which support so called surface plasmon resonance.

16:15-17:00 Jonas Andersson

Jonas has previously done research in the area of atom and molecular physics. He’s currently working at Syntronic as head of a department working with algorithm development joined by many other physicists and mathematicians.

The lectures are available with the following link: (Requires login)

18:01 GameBoy

The theme is the much appealing “secrets” and board games that will be up for play is, among others, Codenames, Decrypto, Coup and Secret Hitler. Refer to the event at Facebook: (Requires Login)

Get excited and we’ll see you tomorrow!