Cozy Friday Nr. 5

(The activities will be held in swedish)

This friday 11/12 the following is on the schedule,

15:15-16:00 Maria Sundin

Maria is a lecturer in physics at Gothenburgs university. One of the things se works with is research in astrophysics where she does computer simulations of galaxies. She also does research in equestrian sports. Maria has often appeared in media, for example P4 Extra and GoKväll, and gives, under normal conditions, very well-visited evening courses in astrophysics.

16:15-17:00 Emma Pedersen

Emma has up until recently worked as a resarcher on RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden. Now se works as a consultant at Key2Compliance. Her lecture will, among other things, be about how to replace animal testing.

18:01 FOC

Tournament in Dominion, for more info, see Olof Cronquists post on Facebook.

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A warm welcome to both!