Cocktailparty with Peter Hegarty!

Welcome to the Cocktailparty, this time with a lot of going on!

The event starts with a introduction of new head of programmes, and after Peter Hegarty(!) is going to have a seminar! (Note: Seminar hold in Swedish!)

For you who don’t know, Peter Hegarty is the fire and flame of the multivariable calculus in the first year. Besides that, Hegarty is a huge Liverpool fan, and he has something that a very few amount of people can say that they have done; taking a Ph.D. at Princeton University!

After that we will serve drink and snacks in Nexus, where you will get the chance to mingle with the new head of programmes as well as examiners of the next study period!


Time: 17:15 for seminar, 18:15 for mingle with head of programmes and examiners

Location: FB for seminar, Nexus for mingle


Link to calender