Nomination for Division Meeting SP4


First of all, we would like to thank all applicants for all the different associations. Our job has not been easy and then it’s what it should be. Following the nomination committee’s nominations, if you are wondering or reacting specifically, we recommend that you either contact the nomination committee via mail or speak with the board.

Board of Directors:

Chairman: Erik Persson

Vice Chairman: Lina Hultquist

Treasurer: Carl Jendle

Secretary: Andreas Gustaver

Security Officer: Erik Johansson

Responsible for information: Johan Winther


Sexmaster: Liam ” Alfred ” Håkansson

Sex Director: Magnus ” Gois ” Friesian

Treasurer: Ebba ” Gone ” Ekblom

Members (without mutual order): Caroline “Creo” Leontine Schröder, Felix “Wrong” Augustsson, Oscar “Really” Forsman, Emma “Vinen” Nirvin, Henrik “Berget” Klein Moberg and Karin “Niwa” Hult.


Colonel: Boel Brandström

Rustmästare: Linus ” Linan ” Schönbeck

Treasurer: Johan ” Vaken ” Jaxing

Members (without mutual order): Matilda ” Trippy ” Hanes, Sebastian Oleszko, Julia Wennerblom, Fredrik Hallhagen, Oscar Johansson, Edvin Callisen, Alex ” Snow White ” Bökmark


Chairman: Sofia ” Karlsson ” Karlsson


Captain: Karl Magnus ” Ohlmanen ” Mikael Fant

Auto food pirate: Henrik ” Spanike ” Söderberg

Coffin guard: Lotta Bergbom

Members (without mutual order): Adam Breitholtz, Henrik Esmaili, Carl Svensson, Per “Schmoopy” Ljung, Markus Bertilsson


Jakob Widebrant – Member of the Nomination Committee!