The Student Division

The Student Division

The Physics Student Division is a non-profit organization consisting of the students studying at the bachelor programmes Teknisk fysik and Teknisk matematik as well as all master students of the following programmes: Engineering Mathematics, Nuclear Engineering, Complex Adaptive Systems, Physics and Astronomy, Applied Physics, Nanotechnology, Lärande och ledarskap.

Division bodies

Decisions are made through Ftek’s bodies. Highest decision-making body is the Division Meeting which is held at least once per study period.


The committees are the most active parts of the Student Division. Their members are elective by the Division Meeting, generally for a period of one year.


The funcionaries have a specific task to perform at Ftek. They are often just a few people, who are elected yearly by the Division Meeting.

Interest clubs

The interest clubs of Ftek are for special interests and they differ from the committees and the functionaries by performing their own elections.