Hello Master’s students!

Welcome to Chalmers​ University of Technology​ and the Physics Student Division!

The Physics Student Division​ (Fysikteknologsektionen in Swedish or ftek for short)​ is a society which aims to make your time at Chalmers as enjoyable as possible.

​As a student at one of the following Master’s Programmes:

  • Applied Physics, MPAPP,
  • Complex Adaptive Systems, MPCAS,
  • Nanotechnology, MPNAT,
  • Nuclear Science and Technology, MPNUE,
  • Physics and Astronomy, MPPAS,
  • Engineering Mathematics and Computational Science, MPENM,
  • Lärande och ledarskap, MPLOL,

you are automatically a member of ftek. ftek is entirely run by its members (as a non-profit) and offers lots of opportunities for your campus life. Together we stand up for the students’ opinions and voices when we cooperate with the university in order to make all our members thrive during their studies.

The site is currently under (re)construction so make sure to join the Facebook group Chalmers – Master’s Students at the Physics Student Division​ to keep updated on events and also keep in touch with other students about studies, campus life or whatever crosses your mind.

​On the 15th of September ​we will host a ​BBQ/grill for all the new students from the Master’s Programmes​ above. ​You will get free food​ and ​an ​opportunit​y​ to meet ​all your fellow classmates. More info on how to sign up will come later.

​We hope you will have a great time here in Gothenburg and make the most out of your stay. If you ever need help or someone to talk to we are always available at​.

Best regards,
​The Physics Student Division Board

Written by Johan Winther. More news from Framsida.